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Annette & Len Oughton

Annette and Len Oughton understand what it means to juggle work and a family. While Annette works as a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and a full time mum, Len’s main income is derived from mortgage and insurance broking.

Joining GNLD in April 2004, Emerald Directors Annette and Len are enjoying the financial freedom and health benefits associated with being a member of the GNLD team. Annette and Len are committed to building their own GNLD business which today earns them an extra NZ$30,000 per annum.

Annette and Len’s 10 year old daughter, Franchelle, was struggling with below average mathematics grades before she began taking GNLD’s Salmon Oil capsules. The Oughton’s began to notice a rapid increase in Franchelle’s concentration levels and her results at school. “It immediately started helping her concentration and problem solving ability to the extent where her marks skyrocketed to over 90%!”

The Oughton’s attribute their financial success to using the products and sharing their own story of how GNLD’s products have enhanced their lives. “The health benefits of GNLD products speak for themselves and the additional benefits of an extra income and travel opportunities are just the icing on the cake! We now have a team of over thirty people and the next step for us is to become Sapphire Directors.”

What makes Len and Annette Oughton so unique though, aside from their financial success, is their dedication to helping others along the way: “It is our aim to help other people get more out of life whether that be by taking GNLD products or increasing their financial position for the future. The wonderful people we have met on our journey with GNLD are inspirational and this, combined with enjoying what we do, makes for an interesting journey ahead.”

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