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Carolyn & Fiona Lange

Carolyn and Russell Lange’s GNLD journey started nearly 20 years ago when Russell’s mother Audrey introduced them to GNLD and Formula IV. The multi-vitamins they were taking didn’t seem to match up to their needs so they decided to try Formula IV. They were delighted by the results they experienced within days of taking the product.

Today Carolyn and Russell are Sapphire Directors with their 2 Star 3-in-30 pins. Their daughter Fiona who has been taking the products herself for 15 years runs her own business Angels in Action and is also a qualified Director with her own 2 star 3-in-30 pin.

Carolyn, a trained Kinesiologist who uses GNLD products everyday in her clinic, and Fiona who witnesses illnesses and diseases everyday in her work as a clinical nurse, were both frustrated with only being able to treat people’s symptoms. Through GNLD, they both help people improve their health and lifestyle with quality food supplements with an opportunity to also set themselves free financially.

When Carolyn is not working at her clinic, you will find her in the garden and reading books on personal development. She also enjoys relaxing at her mountain chalet in the Bunya Mountains with husband Russell. During Fiona’s time off, she has an active involvement in Beach Volleyball, and does business building with a group of small business entrepreneurs. Fiona also enjoys relaxing on Queensland’s warm beaches.

Carolyn believes that a GNLD business offers travel, financial rewards and health benefits. “GNLD has given us a more enriched lifestyle for the past 20 years. I now also have an opportunity to work with our children as they grow their own GNLD businesses, which is just so rewarding!”

Fiona’s incentive for being with GNLD is that she is building relationships with people from all walks of life, and in doing so, gaining access to exciting new adventures all around the world. “As well as helping you to embrace life through better health, GNLD’s products and programs can also help you to enrich your lifestyle through the extra income and travel”.

Both Carolyn and Fiona offer the same advice to those just starting out with GNLD, “Create and maintain a positive healthy attitude, learn how to support and encourage those around you with this same enthusiastic attitude so they too can share the excitement” Fiona says. Carolyn agrees and also says, “Set your goals, aim high, for when you open your heart and spread your wings, you never know how high you can fly. Keep your focus on giving and making a positive difference in the lives of others and the rewards will follow and your dreams will come true!”

Carolyn and Fiona have both been regular attendees at the Brisbane GNLD Experiences. Carolyn enjoys working with Fiona in a supportive team environment and drawing out the strengths of others enriches the Experience for all involved. Fiona believes that with the new and young up and coming Sales Team Members and a revitalised attitude from the company’s Directors, GNLD in Queensland has a bright and successful future.

Carolyn: “To keep the fun in life along with financial freedom is what we’d all like to enjoy; GNLD can offer you all of this!”

Fiona: “We all need someone to look out for us. Why not be an Angel in someone else’s life by sharing the GNLD message and guide others to a life filled with health, hope and vitality!”

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